Nordic Halibut reached a BIG milestone

Nordic Halibut reached a BIG milestone

Nordic Halibut AS has achieved a major goal of offering sustainable superfood by receiving certification from the Global G.A.P. Aquaculture Standard. The certification covers every stage of production, from breeding to farming and harvesting, and was awarded after a thorough audit by Kolos Aqua.

CEO Edvard Henden said, "We are very pleased to have obtained this certification. It shows our dedication to sustainable halibut farming and ensures that our production meets all international requirements for food safety, sustainability, and welfare for both fish and employees throughout the value chain."

Credit: Nordic Halibut

The audit verified that Nordic Halibut meets strict standards for food safety, environmental sustainability, animal health and welfare, worker well-being, legal compliance, traceability, and more.

Nordic Halibut also went through the Global G.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) as part of the certification process, which assesses social risks in primary production and increases transparency for supply chain partners.

About Nordic Halibut

Nordic Halibut is a producer of Atlantic halibut based in Western Norway and headquartered in Averøy, Nordmøre. The company has a complete, well-established process for producing and selling halibut, including early-phase production.

They have a plan to increase production, with a goal of producing 4,500 tons of halibut by 2026 and 9,000 tons by 2030.

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