Adisseo acquires the specialty feed ingredients company Nor-Feed

The animal nutrition group aims to position itself in an emerging market and become the world leader in specialty feed ingredients.
Saponaria officialis flower is one of the plants on which Nor-Feed focuses its research efforts. Photo: Adobe Stock.
Saponaria officialis flower is one of the plants on which Nor-Feed focuses its research efforts. Photo: Adobe Stock.

In mid-December, Adisseo announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Nor-Feed, a French group that designs, produces, and markets specialty plant-based ingredients and plant extracts for animal feed. In a statement released today, the animal nutrition group confirmed that the deal has been completed and has now acquired the company as part of its strategy to become a world leader in specialty ingredients for animal nutrition.

An emerging market

"This investment is a key step in our strategy to develop specialty ingredients, in particular through unique and differentiating technologies and natural and sustainable solutions for our customers", stated the CEO of Adisseo, Jean-Marc Dublanc. "Adisseo is positioned in an emerging market, growing at nearly 10% per year", he added.

On his hand, Olivier Clech, co-CEO of Nor-Feed, added: "The botanical additives for animal nutrition that Nor-Feed has developed are safe, effective and manufactured in France in a structured CSR framework. The demand is strong, and our average annual growth of more than 20 percent since the creation of the company is an illustration of this. The entire Nor-Feed team is very committed to continuing this development".

Synergies between both companies

Created 20 years ago by Pierre and Cecile Chicoteau, France's Nor-Feed developed around a project focused on the preventive role of nutritional strategies by promoting botanical extracts of agricultural co-products in animal nutrition and hygiene, to limit the use of antibiotics, coccidiostats, and pesticides. Both companies have already identified synergies, especially to strengthen and develop the penetration and adoption of these Nor-Feed products in high-growth markets where Adisseo is already well established.

Nor-Feed will continue to manage its R&D, production, and sales network autonomously, and Olivier Clech and Pierre Chicoteau will remain at the helm of the company. However, in expressing his satisfaction with the acquisition, the CEO of Adisseo, Jean-Marc Dublanc, also wanted to welcome the new employees. "We are pleased to have completed the acquisition of the Nor-Feed Group, and on behalf of Adisseo, we warmly welcome all its employees", he said.

About Adisseo & Nor-Feed

Adisseo is one of the world's leading experts in feed additives. The group has 8 research centers and production sites in Europe, the USA, China, and Thailand. With more than 2,520 employees, it has some 3,900 customers in more than 110 countries served through its worldwide distribution network. In 2021, Adisseo achieved a turnover of more than €1.69 billion.  A subsidiary of China National BlueStar, a leader in the Chinese chemical industry with around 19,920 employees and a turnover of €9.4 billion, Adisseo is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Located in the Technopole of Angers (France), Nor-Feed develops and markets natural botanical feed additives and ingredients for animal health and nutrition. The company focuses its efforts on a few plants and molecules (saponins, grape extracts, citrus extracts and some others) to offer additives with health and nutrition benefits: AGP alternatives, natural coccidiostats, physiological antioxidants, solutions for stress management and animal welfare, gut flora balancers and ectoparasite repellents (red mites, flies, chicken lice…).

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