BioMar and Arbiom will develop and commercialize SylPro

BioMar announced a few hours ago its partnership with Arbiom, an agricultural biotechnology company, with which it will develop and commercialize SylPro.
Fish feed. Photo: Adobe Stock.
Fish feed. Photo: Adobe Stock.

BioMar announced a few hours ago its partnership with Arbiom, an agricultural biotechnology company, with which it will develop and commercialize SylPro, an innovative single-cell protein that serves as a nutritional alternative for feed applications. Based on this concept, the two companies are joining forces in the SYLPLANT project, in which they are developing solutions to offer next-generation protein ingredients.

A European collaborative project that brings together 17 partners covering the entire food and feed value chain. Among partners from raw material manufacturers to retailers, BioMar holds a specific position in the aquafeed area.

"We believe in single-cell proteins like SylPro as a valuable addition to our basket of circular & restorative ingredients, assisting us in reaching our 2030 ambitions and optimizing our feed for the future", said Fernando Norambuena, Global Category Manager at BioMar.

Scheme of main points of the project. Photo by: Arbiom.

Details in-depth about SYLPLANT

SYLPLANT is a public-private partnership between the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Consortium, co-funded by the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking. It's built on the success of Sylfeed, a project where Arbiom scaled up its technology and validated the performance of SylPro, its flagship ingredient.

"Thus, this factory paves the way to Arbiom's industrial deployment," said Marc Chevrel, CEO of Arbiom. "It will bring 10.000 tons/year of alternative, highly nutritional, and sustainable protein to the market to answer the future food needs."

The objectives of the plan are threefold. Firstly, to build and operate Arbiom's first plant in France to reach 10,000 tons per year of ingredient production. Secondly, validate the use of SylPro in feed applications, including animal feed and aquafeed, and collect consumer feedback. Finally, it intends to develop the next generation of foods, such as cheese analogs or meat analogs.

"We are convinced that collaborating with strong market partners of the feed and food sectors will enable us to accelerate the development of next-generation ingredients," stated Amélie Drouvault, VP of Business Development for Arbiom.

About BioMar

BioMar is a world leader in performance diets for more than 45 different species in more than 80 countries. Therefore, BioMar's heritage is a long-term commitment to developing the aquaculture industry responsibly and sustainably.

About Arbiom

Arbiom dedicates itself to sustainable and healthy food production, leveraging fermentation and nature-based solutions to create innovative protein ingredients. Thus, with a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Arbiom contributes to the global food supply by developing protein-rich products. So, these ingredients offer excellent functional and sensory properties, providing a perfect solution for promoting healthy nutrition.

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