Norselab invests in Inseanergy to adopt floating solar energy solutions

Inseanergy has established "a strong foothold in aquaculture by providing floating solar energy solutions for farming facilities."
Aquaculture installation

Aquaculture installation


Norselab has invested in Inseanergy alongside Umoe, to adopt solar energy solutions for its farming facilities. According to a statement released by Inseanergy, it has an extensive track record in building industrial companies and strong expertise in renewable energy.

In addition, the company has emphasized the significant role of clients Hofseth, Ode, and Bjørøya. These have already used Inseanergy’s solutions to electrify fish farms.

Yngve Tvedt, Chief Investment Officer at Norselab, said: "We have followed Inseanergy since its inception. The company has a solid team and has dedicated the past year to maturing the product and business model. We believe the timing is perfect for international scaling. There is massive interest growth in the market for distributed, renewable energy production."

Finally, Inseanergy CEO Kari-Elin Korsnes Hildre, noted: "We are delighted that leading Norwegian investors in impact and renewable energy are demonstrating their belief in our business. The new owners have significant expertise in international scaling and value creation alongside a broad network that gives our company global reach."

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