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aquaManager and Nueva Pescanova Group have announced the implementation of a production management solution for Nueva Pescanova shrimp hatcheries of Promarisco and Camanica. The hatcheries are located in Ecuador and Nicaragua, respectively. The system is customized to the needs of the group, mobile applications for real-time data collection, and an IoT device infrastructure.

In a press release, aquaManager explains that the digital ecosystem supports the complex processes of larval production, and evaluates performance. Also, it optimizes the results by promptly identifying patterns, trends, and areas of attention. Thereby, the facilities will digitize and homogenize data collection with intuitive mobile applications and seamless integration with water quality sensors.

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Further, along with biological, production, and financial data analysis, team members will communicate through a common platform and make the right decisions at the right time. Finally, the aquaManager system gives 360 visibility and control over the production process, cost management, and full traceability.

Nueva Pescanova has shown its satisfaction with this collaboration. In more detail, Guillermo Renancio Artal, Director of Technology said: “This project is an integral part of our shift. Towards the full digitalization of production and within the context of the digital transformation strategy of the Nueva Pescanova Group. We are excited to be pioneers and pave the way that other companies in the sector will certainly follow.”

In this same week, the Nueva Pescanova Group reached an agreement with MAAVi to continue obtaining organic and healthy products.

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