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BEWI has transformed its former insulation plant and equipped it with the latest recycling extrusion technology.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
1 min read
This new center will elevate its EPS (expanded polystyrene) recycling capacity by 40%.
Peru seeks to promote and develop incentives for the circular economy approach in both, aquaculture and fisheries.
Marta Negrete
2 min read
The goal is to change the current linear model of resource use in Peru's seafood industry to a circular one that helps reduce waste and protect the environment.
Fisher boats in the harbor. Pucusana, Lima, Peru.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
1 min read
The maximum catch limit is 251,000 tons, as the Peruvian Institute of the Sea (IMARPE) recommends.
IMARPE report will allow to have more perspectives on the sustainable use of the resource for the first fishing season of 2024.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
1 min read
The Hydroacoustic evaluation cruise of anchovy and other pelagic resources is carried out by the Peruvian Marine Institute (IMARPE).
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