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Ivan Vindheim speaking at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in March 2023. Photo: NASF/M.Wanvik.
Louisa Gairn
2 min read
WeAreAquaculture spoke to Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim, who calls the Q1 results "very satisfactory" but says "it’s always about the future".
Vindheim in the CNN News. Photo by: CNN.
Carmen Halpin
2 min read
This Wednesday, Ivan Vindheim, CEO of Mowi, was interviewed by Reporter Eleni Giokos on US news network CNN and showed his dissatisfaction with the “salmon taxes” imposed by Norwegian government's pla ...
"We get a competitive disadvantage compared to the small farmers," Ivan Vindheim told the Norwegian court.
Louisa Gairn
1 min read
A Norwegian district court has rejected the salmon farmer's case, but Mowi may mount further legal action following Norway's tax authority decision, expected later this year.
Currently, under Norwegian trade law, salmon with injuries or defects must be processed within Norway's borders before export.
Louisa Gairn
2 min read
Norwegian trade law bans the export of low-quality salmon with injuries or other defects, meaning the fish must be processed before it crosses the border.
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