Oman’s Seafood industry opens a world of possibilities 

    The Sultanate of Oman is rich in many ways, and the maritime sector is no exception. In this article we will discover its aquaculture.

    Sustainability beyond the land and sea, the aquaponics

    This recirculating environment is a form of aquaculture in which the waste produced by fish or other water animals provides food for the water plants, and the plants keep the water clean.  

    Bumble Bee will no longer be a “fair and safe supply chain”

    The agreement outlaws some of the claims that defined Bumble Bee's products. These include "fair and safe supply chain" and "fair and responsible working conditions"

    Possible lobster sizes limitations in Maine to protect juveniles

    The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is studying to put tighter rules on the sizes of lobster fisheries in Maine (U.S.). Initial statements of the Commission claim a troubling decline in young lobster, while fishermen question it.

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