Norway did it again: seafood export value up 22% in Q1 2023

    However, the Norwegian Seafood Council warns that behind the numbers, the picture is not as so positive. Export value rises, but the volume of key species such as salmon and cod falls.

    Possible lobster sizes limitations in Maine to protect juveniles

    The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is studying to put tighter rules on the sizes of lobster fisheries in Maine (U.S.). Initial statements of the Commission claim a troubling decline in young lobster, while fishermen question it.

    US seafood sales fell by nearly 4% in 2022, says consumer report

    Inflation and higher seafood prices meant US shoppers looked for cheaper protein alternatives, according to the FMI.

    Fake label? Conagra and Bumble Bee made into defendants by their consumers

    Conagra and Bumble Bee are facing class action lawsuits against consumers over the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainable labeling on their products. The appeal, which has been filed separately in federal courts in Illinois and California, seeks damages of about $5 million (€4.7 million).

    Prices go up but customers do not go down

    The trifecta of skyrocketing food, labor, and energy prices are some of the consequences and challenges that are suffering food service operators despite the increase in total annual sales in U.S. restaurants in January.

    NovoMar is Ready to Meet a New Challenge

    NovoMar, formerly known as Platina Seafood, has undergone a rebranding under the leadership of CEO Emil Andreassen and is...

    A record January for Norwegian seafood exports

    Norway exported seafood products worth NOK 12.700 million (€1.156 million, $1.261 million) in the first month of 2023. That...

    Mowi cleared of price-fixing allegations

    The Department of Justice in the USA has informed Mowi ASA that they have closed their investigation into the...

    Experts welcome salmon Christmas campaign

    The price of salmon will raise to 15 percent next week. Moreover, from week 41 to week 45 that...

    Japanese yen depreciation gives seafood companies consolidated earnings in Europe and North America

    The Japanese food service industry has taken longer than other countries to improve and reestablish itself. The emergency declaration...

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