Chile may export fresh coho salmon to China

Chinese customs authority now recognizes Sernapesca's veterinary certification, thus allowing the export of various aquaculture products from Chile to China.
Thanks to the alliance signed, Chile will be able to export fresh coho salmon to China for the first time.
Thanks to the alliance signed, Chile will be able to export fresh coho salmon to China for the first time. Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile.

In the framework of President Boric's visit to China and Chile Week Beijing 2023, the Chilean Executive this week made official an important protocol that opens the doors to the export of fresh Pacific salmon or coho salmon from Chile to the demanding Chinese market.

Coho salmon is the most prominent species but not the only one that will benefit from the agreement signed by the Chilean Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Nicolás Grau, with the aim of increasing the export of Chilean aquaculture products to the Asian giant.

Coho salmon, the star product of the agreement

The alliance signed between the governments of both countries to improve the access of Chilean seafood products to the Chinese market is not the only deal reached between Chile and China these days - agreements were also signed to strengthen cooperation in the digital economy and promote investment and industrial cooperation -. However, in his statement after the signing, the Chilean Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism highlighted it above all others.

"From the Ministry of Economy, we signed important agreements between both countries, in particular I want to highlight the protocol that will allow the Chinese customs authority to recognize the certification carried out by Sernapesca - in charge of the control in our country - allowing some products that were not possible to export to China, to enter that country; in particular the coho salmon, which from this agreement will be exported fresh to China, strongly increasing the export value," said Grau.

Sernapesca's control standard is recognized

In addition to coho salmon, the so-called 'Protocol on inspection, quarantine and veterinary sanitary requirements for aquaculture products exported from Chile to China' will also allow the export to the Chinese market of northern oysters and trout for the first time. Moreover, it will also make it easier the export of mussels, a product that is already exported but which, thanks to this agreement, will be able to do so in different presentations.

Thanks to this protocol, the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China recognizes the high standard of Sernapesca's safety control system for aquaculture products, thus facilitating the trade of these seafood products between the two countries. The signing has culminated after several years of negotiation, where both Sernapesca (Chile's National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service) and the aquaculture sector demonstrated that the control, inspection and certification systems, both sanitary and safety of Chilean aquaculture products provide guarantees and are suitable for consumption by the Chinese population.

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