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Lotus Seafood, a company based in Oceanside (California, USA), is opening a new processing facility in Indonesia. In these facilities, they will use an innovative treatment for tuna developed by the company that includes antioxidants excluding the carbon monoxide (CO) method.

Although they have not provided more information to the press about the specific method, they have disclosed some of the components used for preservation and CO removal during the operation. The result is controversial due to the challenge of striking a balance between certain properties of the tuna and its preservation.

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Risks of the different methods of tuna consumption

Consumers expect tuna to have a series of characteristics that make it considered fresh, and one of the most important is its red color. Therefore, companies have always looked for methods to preserve the oxidation of the food, and consequently, this characteristic.

The use of nitrites or CO are some of these methods used, but they have risks for the consumer. On the one hand, nitrate addiction is bound to the formation of nitrosamines, which are a carcinogenic compound (capable of producing cancer). On the other hand, there is a risk of not being able to perceive fish spoilage, which in tuna results in the formation of high quantities of histamine, a substance that produces various effects in the body and is related to allergic reactions.

Several countries have banned these methods due to these facts. Japan, the EU, and Canada are among those countries, while others permit them, such as the U.S.

So, eliminating this process is positive, but will they be able to achieve it and also maintain the color?

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About Lotus Seafood

Founded in 2006, Lotus Seafood Inc is a prominent seafood importing, exporting, and sales company. They serve food services, distributors, retail chains, and restaurants, operating worldwide. With a capacity to source and distribute over 30,000 tons of frozen and fresh fish, shrimp, and other seafood products. Moreover, they prioritize sustainability and obtained the Marine Stewardship Council’s MSC/ASC Chain of Custody Standards certification in 2021.

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