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The Swedish salmon farm RE:OCEAN and the sushi provider Natsu Foods have signed an agreement to serve the fresh sustainable salmon of RE:OCEAN in the German retailer sushi market. The agreement is related to cooperating in producing, selling, and supplying salmon.

This partnership is an important step in both companies’ efforts to promote sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of the seafood industry. On the one hand, Natsu Foods obtains its fish from a responsible and sustainable source. On the other hand, RE:OCEAN uses innovative technology to reduce environmental impact.

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Morten Malle, CEO of RE:OCEAN said about the agreement that “through this partnership, we can demonstrate all the benefits with land-based salmon. From sustainability to taste, economic viability to continuous supply”.

Tim Hörnemann, CEO of Natsu Foods, said that partnering with RE:OCEAN is a natural fit for them. “Their innovative technology aligns with our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the seafood industry.”

This is not the first time another company has trusted in the sustainable harvester of RE:OCEAN. It shows that step by step the way they work is going step by step further.


RE:OCEAN objective is to revolutionize the fishing industry with land-based salmon farming at a large-scale facility in Säffle, Sweden. They run with 100% fossil-free energy and with 99.99% of all water reused in a closed environment. Through this “new sea on land”, the company will be able to locally produce 10,000 tonnes of sustainable salmon every year. This is equivalent to providing 20 percent of Swedish salmon consumption.

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