TalentView: Signy Linge Killingmo

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    Recently in TalentView, I told you about Martin, who was in the Aquaculture industry and then decided to get into academia. Today I bring you Signy’s story. Signy is a last-year Seafood Science Master Student from the University of Tromsø (UiT) and is currently working part-time as an operations technician.

    She started her bachelor’s in 2016 and her first experience in the field was two years later. Signy was attending the Håp i Havet (HOPE in the Sea) conference. HOPE is the biggest student conference for the Seafood Industry in Norway.

    “The first-day companies present themselves. Then the second day you get to visit different stands, there are so many. There was Marine Harvest, there I spoke to their Regional Manager and I told him I wanted a summer job. He asked what year I was on and what was I studying. He then gave me his card and told me to contact him after the conference. I emailed him and he set up an interview with a site manager. And I got the summer job.”

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    Her work experience has been mostly at summer jobs and seasonal positions. All of them have been pretty hands-on and with lots of responsibilities like taking care of the live feed and broodstock.

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