TalentView: Shelby Oliver

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    Let’s imagine for a moment a video game called “Sea Warden”. In that adventure, Shelby Oliver would be its undisputed female protagonist. Instead of being an archaeologist like Lara Croft, our heroine would be a marine biologist, and like any hero, she would also have a mission: to ensure seafood sustainability. To achieve this, Shelby would imagine herself diving or swimming among sharks, but, as in all adventures, in this one unexpected travel companions would also appear and they would end up becoming partners. And so, the girl who dreamed of preserving the oceans with her feet in the water, would end up doing it with her eyes in the sky.

    Now let’s go back to earth to discover that Sea Warden is not a video game, but a company, and that Shelby Oliver is not a fictional character. She exists, she is a marine biologist, passionate about seafood sustainability, and also co-founder and Head of Product of the company. And yes, she is also a kind of heroine, the protagonist of that adventure of opening a start-up where every day there is something new to do and, hopefully, to learn. An exciting challenge for someone always looking for creative solutions such as making a world map of aquaculture using satellites and Artificial Intelligence, for example. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

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