Technology and The People – Aquaculture Innovations

Technology and The People – Aquaculture Innovations

People sometimes say machines will take over our jobs. And if you go back in history (and not too far) you can see people have been saying the same about immigrants. But focusing on Technology, Machines, and AI, I want to highlight the important role they play in our industry.

One of the things I find the most inspiring and enjoyable in the aquaculture industry is its potential for innovation. This industry is a work in progress, and a lot of this constant progress is thanks to the way our great talent has developed and used the different technological options.

In a recent post, we talked about the relationship between divers and ROVs/AUVs. However, this industry, a multibillion one, doesn't have just ONE type of technology advancement in place. It has many, so the aim of this post is to give you a more general view into this Technology and the People relationship in Aquaculture.

Innovation Areas

If we can make things better, we shall. We can find innovation and technology taking a lot of attention even in Human Resources and Recruitment. And this doesn't mean processes are becoming less human. The Aquaculture industry had countless areas and stages, depending on the origin of the organization, the species, and the size of the company. But I want to point out which are the main areas in which we see innovation in our industry.

The 5 main areas where innovation is found are: Immunization, Feed development, Sustainability, Animal Health, and Supply Chain. All of course in their different own ways. All offer solutions and growth opportunities for talent as well as for organizations. So, can we really take it seriously when someone says machines will take over our jobs in the aquaculture industry?

The Role of Technology

Technology has done a lot for our modern world. Especially when we take into consideration repetitive, risky, and automated work. The existence of technological advancements also lowers production costs in the long run. As well as the ability of specialization and knowledge gained in other sectors that are less automated. However, machines still need to be designed, built, tested, operated, maintained, and decommissioned, creating more job opportunities than in its absence.

Some might say working conditions in the aquaculture industry are extreme. And the reality is without the use of technology they used to be more extreme. The adoption of these advancements makes the industry advance a lot more in the past 15-20 years. It has changed and promoted the growth of education in formal institutions as well as the capacitation in companies and farm sites. Hence diversifying skills and knowledge in our industry. We believe Technology more than essential to the Aquaculture industry, is the core of its functioning. And without the existent advancements, the industry wouldn't be half what it is today.

At AquacultureTalent and WeAreAquaculture we applaud and promote every advancement that's driven to grow a more sustainable and human industry, for the best of talent and our people. We are proud and conscious of what this all means and we are ready to see this industry growing more with us!

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