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AquaChile has financed a course about maritime and port guard certifications for 17 members of the national federation of Newen Malen fishing women. This training has been carried out through the OTEC Cenpro.

To sum up, the contents discussed during the course were matters related to basic nautical legislation and regulations, safety techniques and risk prevention, and police techniques, among other topics.

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Port of Calbuco captain, Rafael Quijada, assisted to the certification ceremony and noted: “It is important that the private company can promote activities like community training and outreach. What is more relevant than being able to train women, in order to achieve a real balance of women empowerment of women in such an important activity as maritime work.”

On the other hand, Newen Malen Federation president, Ingrid Linco thanked AquaChile: “Being able to have this port guard training for us is a different future. So, we are infinitely grateful for all this management and the commitment that AquaChile acquires with us.”

According to the Chilean company, thanks to the certifications, these women will have the opportunity to look for new alternatives to economic income and develop in other work areas.

In July, the Chilean Security Association awarded AquaChile for its health and safety labor performance.

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