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AquaBounty Technologies informed it has begun construction of its planned 10,000-metric-ton salmon farm in Pioneer, Ohio. Its first large-scale farm will supply a growing population with a sustainable source of fresh, locally raised salmon.

About this, Sylvia Wulf, AquaBounty CEO said: “We are pleased to have officially begun building our next-generation, highly productive facility in Pioneer. It will serve as a model for the aquaculture industry and for our continued expansion.”

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CEO Sylvia Wulf – AquaBounty

According to the company, the farm is strategically located within easy reach of key US. markets. Mainly, to accelerate the delivery of fresh and safe Atlantic salmon to consumers. 

Besides, the state-of-the-art RAS technology and overall facility design, combined with the proximity to major markets, will generate a lower carbon footprint compared to flying salmon overseas production. Also will ease pressure on wild salmon stocks, and use natural resources responsibly and sustainably.

Finally, CRB will lead the design and construction of the facility. On the other side, Innovasea will design the RAS system technology for the new farm.

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