Aquaculture engineering Imenco loses its CEO

Bringedal Rune has left the position after 17 years in the Norwegian company.
In 2023, Bringedal Rune dealt with the acquisition of Vard Aqua.

In 2023, Bringedal Rune dealt with the acquisition of Vard Aqua.

Bringedal Rune LinkedIn profile

Bringedal Rune has announced in his LinkedIn profile that he is stepping down from his position as CEO and "eagerly embracing new challenges and adventures ahead."

During the 17 years he has spent in the company, Rune highlights the growth the aquaculture engineering company has experienced surpassing 1000 MNOK revenue.

Also, he mentions the development of new products, systems, and technology, discovering new markets, and signing mergers and acquisitions. "These experiences have not only honed my skills but have also reinforced my passion for technology and business development."

"I am deeply grateful for the valuable insights and expertise I have gained across diverse markets, including Marine, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Aquaculture, Defense, and Industry," he notes.

About Imenco

Established in 1979, Imenco started as an engineering company and has grown through the development of its own solutions and acquisitions of other companies.

Today, the company operates in five main areas: offshore oil and gas, offshore renewables, aquaculture, marine and naval, and industrial. It has a leading position within subsea and topside lifting, aquaculture camera technology, mil and civil visual surveillance CCTV systems and underwater acoustic communication, among others.

Last year, the Norwegian company acquired Vard Aqua (formerly Storvik Aqua). Vard Aqua developed and supplied equipment for aquaculture since 1985, with offices in Norway, Chile, and Scotland.

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