ASC program emphasizes aquaculture local-market promotions

Fish farm in the sea, fenced with a round net.
Fish farm in the sea, fenced with a round net.

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has launched its largest public-facing marketing campaign ever that emphasizes local-market promotions. The organization seeks to show the facts of sustainable aquaculture to consumers.

The "New Way to Seafood" campaign will aim to "dispel falsehoods and public misconceptions about seafood and showcase the work that the ASC has been performing since the program's inception", according to the organization.

In addition, they will try to put ASC-certified seafood into dining halls of universities and colleges across the US. The ASC will visit 22 college campuses in March, nationwide, to demonstrate products raised via responsible aquaculture. This way, they will reach younger customers doubts and concerns about aquaculture.

In this same line, we find last Fed by Blue initiative which we informed yesterday. Eating Up the Oceans: How Do We Save Our Seas? is the name of the upcoming premium six-part docuseries that will try to educate consumers about seafood.

About ASC

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council is a certification program and label for farmed seafood – also known as aquaculture. Through our work, ASC is helping to address some of the most pressing consumer, social and environmental challenges of our time.

The ASC is also planning to host events in Miami, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia to include in-store sampling, food shows, restaurant weeks, media events, and more. Lang said more cities will be added to the ASC's road show in the future.

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