Bluefront Equity-owned companies appoint Lisbeth Plassen as managing director for Seaqloud merged business

Seaqloud, born from the union of Naviaq and Seacloud, provides integrating advanced data management with sensor technology.
Naviaq and Seacloud are owned by Bluefront Equity.

Naviaq and Seacloud are owned by Bluefront Equity.


Naviaq and Seacloud have appointed Lisbeth Plassen as the managing director for the newly merged business Seaqloud. The re-branded company, born from the union of both Bluefront Equity-owned companies, provides integrating advanced data management with sensor technology.

Regarding the merger, Plassen, who was previously the managing director of Naviaq, explained: "During the past few months, we have been conducting a technical and organizational merger, and developed a strategy to identify how we can jointly create even more value for our customers."

On the other hand, the chairman of Seaqloud Charles Høstlund said: "The board and shareholders are delighted that Lisbeth has agreed to lead the newly merged business and with how the integration process has been conducted."

Seaqloud – Enabling the use of data

Seaqloud works as a neutral data aggregator and, therefore offers real-time analysis through its software portal. Along with sensors that measure parameters above and below sea level. These software solutions for equipment and logistics are suitable for the fish farming industry and vessels.

In addition, the system provider complies more efficiently with new requirements for on-site environmental monitoring throughout the calendar year. "The combination of sensors and tailor-made software ensures data of the highest possible quality," the company confirms.

"Our solutions enable enhanced data control related to operations and environmental monitoring of fish farms. Such improved data gathering and presentation will, for example, make sustainability reporting better and more efficient," Plassen concluded.

In 2022, Bluefront Equity announced the acquisition of a majority stake (51%) in aquatech company Seacloud. The aquatech company, founded in 2016 by Jørn-Roar Pedersen, identified a niche for smart monitoring solutions for ocean-based industries.

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