Cermaq extends collaboration with tech firm Cognizant on operational modernization

Cognizant will provide managed infrastructure services and seek to modernize Cermaq's cloud landscape as a digital transformation partner in Norway and Canada.
As a result of the modernization, Cermaq's clients can expect a consistent and steady value chain thanks to stable infrastructure operations, the companies say.

As a result of the modernization, Cermaq's clients can expect a consistent and steady value chain thanks to stable infrastructure operations, the companies say.

Photo: Cermaq.

The multinational information technology services and consulting company Cognizant has announced it is continuing its partnership with major Norwegian salmon producer Cermaq Group, to enhance Cermaq's digital transformation efforts in Norway and Canada.

This collaboration, building on a decade-long relationship, aims to simplify, modernize, and secure Cermaq's technology infrastructure, focusing on both On-Premise and Cloud services while exploring advancements in AI and Gen AI, the tech firm said in a press release.

The initiative is expected to lower ownership costs, accelerate market delivery, enable global digital empowerment, and stabilize infrastructure operations, thus providing a consistent value chain for Cermaq's clients.

Collaboration aims to simplify, modernize and secure Cermaq infrastructure

This partnership also supports Cermaq's strategic move towards greater IT autonomy within a centralized governance framework, advising on cloud governance to ensure independence, self-sufficiency, and alignment with global security and compliance standards.

Cognizant's involvement is particularly crucial in fostering technological innovation, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability, and supporting Cermaq's IT operations and strategic objectives, the collaboration partners said.

"We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Cognizant, our trusted partner for the past decade. Following a lengthy and thorough RFP process, we carefully evaluated potential partners and are confident that Cognizant is the ideal choice to guide Cermaq's IT operations," said Davor Crnoja, Head of Global IT at Cermaq Group AS.

"This partnership has been instrumental in shaping our technology landscape, and we look forward to leveraging Cognizant's expertise to achieve new milestones. With a focus on simplifying, modernizing, and securing our infrastructure, we anticipate even greater efficiency and reliability in our IT operations," Crnoja added.

Cognizant Ocean launched last year, to drive innovation in aquaculture and seafood

Knut Inge Buset, Country Manager for Cognizant Norway, also emphasised the importance of the ongoing collaboration. "We are thrilled to be continuing our collaboration after ten-years of providing reliable and strategic counsel to Cermaq as they modernize their technology and infrastructure," he said.

"Cognizant's presence is the catalyst in helping both Cermaq's individual entities and the global organization achieve their goals and mobilizing them towards adopting newer technologies as they emerge to keep pace with the market," Buset added.

"Norway is one of the leading countries for seafood production and relies heavily on the blue economy. Through our collaboration with Cermaq we look forward to evolving our expertise in the Nordic Aquaculture and Seafood industry," he concluded.

Cognizant launched its business unit, Cognizant Ocean, in 2023 to drive innovation in aquaculture and sustainable food production.

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