“The whole of Norway can benefit from aquaculture and value created along our coastline,” Fisheries and Oceans Minister

Various seafood on the shelves of the fish market in Norway, Bergen
Various seafood on the shelves of the fish market in Norway, Bergen

Norway exported NOK 109 billion worth of seafood in the first nine months of the year. This is a new record, with a growth of 29%, or NOK 24.3 billion, compared to the same period last year, according to the Norwegian Seafood Council.

In line with this, Christian Chramer, the CEO of the Council indicated: "The growth in value for Norwegian seafood exports has been impressive this year, and in September, we passed the NOK 100 billion mark. Historically high prices are one of the reasons why the third quarter produced the highest ever export value for Norwegian seafood."

Consequently, Bjørnar Skjæran, Fisheries, and Oceans Minister stated: "The record-breaking value for the first nine months of the year confirms the seafood industry's position as the country's second most important export industry. The whole of Norway can benefit from the activity and value created along our coastline."

To sum up, September was the strongest single month ever for Norwegian seafood exports, with an export value of NOK 15.1 billion. An increase of 27% or NOK 3.2 billion, compared to September last year. The previous record for a single month was March this year with NOK 12.5 billion.

Salmon and trout numbers

Precisely, salmon accounts for 72% of the value in the third quarter. "In the EU market, home consumption of salmon is falling, but here the restaurants take an increasingly large share, which compensates for the decline in the grocery trade", added Chramer.

Besides, the export record for salmon has broken again, thanks to solid growth in the salmon price. The average price for fresh whole salmon was NOK 71.80 per kg, which is 26% higher than in the same period last year.

In relative terms, exports to North America increased by 66% to NOK 2.5 billion. Salmon worth NOK 20.3 billion was exported to the EU in the third quarter, while the export value to Asia amounted to NOK 4.8 billion.

Likewise, for trout, the third quarter was the strongest and further processing for this species is also increasing. "While the export of trout increased by 26% in value in the third quarter, the export of fresh trout fillets increased by as much as 50% in the same period", noted Paul T. Aandahl, Seafood Analyst with the Council.

Cod exports

The fresh cod export volume to all the most significant destination countries fell in the third quarter. There is a decrease in export volume of 54%. The value fell by NOK 34 million, or 33%, compared to September last year.

However, "the export value of frozen cod has never been higher in the third quarter. The landing volume of frozen cod increased in the third quarter, which resulted in a higher export volume," said Eivind Hestvik Brækkan, Seafood Analyst with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Furthermore, the export value of clipfish has never been higher in the third quarter. Portugal, Brazil and Congo-Brazzaville were the most important recipients of clipfish from Norway in the third quarter.

Prawn fishing

Finally, good prawn fishing in the Barents Sea led to the highest export volume of prawn in the third quarter since 2005. The UK, Sweden and Finland are the three biggest markets for frozen peeled prawns, which make up the largest share of the export value.

"While the export volume increased by 144%, the export value increased by 66%. This is because 5,113 tonnes of prawn exports were frozen raw prawns that went to Iceland and had a lower export price than more processed products," says Josefine Voraa, Manager for Shellfish with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

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