Seafood Companies against MOWI's exemption from the fish export ban

Also, the national organization is demanding political action to implement new zero and low-emission technology.
Robert H. Eriksson demanding that MOWI's application for dispensation to export poor-quality fish to the market not be granted.

Robert H. Eriksson demanding that MOWI's application for dispensation to export poor-quality fish to the market not be granted.

Seafood Companies

Mowi has applied for an exemption to export production fish and Seafood Companies has manifested to Norwegian authorities their rejection of this measure and to enforce current regulations requiring rectification.

As the national organization explains in a statement, Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim indicated that the exporting production ban is a "competition-inhibiting and protectionist rule."

"This is not about protectionism, but about the reputation of Norwegian salmon in the market, " CEO of Seafood Companies, Robert H. Eriksson clarified.

"What we are witnessing now is that more fish of poor quality end up in the market, and when you consider this in the context of the challenges and negative publicity that have circulated in the media over the past six months, it does not contribute to building increased trust in our industry, neither here at home nor abroad," he explained.

According to Seafood Companies, the exemption "will make it easier to turn a blind eye to the regulations." Consequently, he expects that the department is aware of this and does not facilitate the "cheating to take place."

"The record high proportion of production fish we have witnessed so far this year is a reputational problem for the industry, and rectification must take place in Norway before the fish is sent to consumption in the market. It is therefore crucially important that the authorities and political leadership are clear on how today's regulations should be handled and practiced. The rules are not open to misinterpretation," he alerted.

Eriksson warns about the absence of compliance with the regulations and the limited number of resources in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

More new zero- and low-emission technology measures

In addition, the Seafood Companies CEO has requested the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Cecilie Myrseth more zero- and low-emission technology initiatives.

"The situation only proves that we must be much more proactive in implementing new zero- and low-emission technologies, such as increased production in closed cage technology. It is urgent to put in place good incentives, and in this area, the hourglass is running out. It is now up to the minister to show political action and get this done quickly. This would also have been an important contribution to raising fish welfare higher on the agenda," he concluded.

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