Sigrid Philippart will be the Norwegian Seafood Council's new envoy in France 

A francophone with a background in strategy and communications in the energy industry, Philippart is set to bring a fresh perspective in representing Norwegian seafood in France.
Sigrid Philippart, Norwegian Seafood Council's new representative in France.

Sigrid Philippart, Norwegian Seafood Council's new representative in France.

Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council.

The Norwegian Seafood Council has announced it has appointed a new envoy in France: former energy industry executive, Sigrid Philippart.

"It is very gratifying to be able to announce that Sigrid is taking over responsibility for the Seafood Council's marketing work in France. Sigrid has a very strong CV and an exciting background for us,” said director of global operations at the Norwegian Seafood Council, Børge Grønbech, in a press release.

“In Sigrid, we get a very good capacity that can further develop one of the core markets for Norwegian seafood, where we have done solid work together with the industry over a long period of time,” Grønbech added. 

French-speaking with experience in corporate communications and international management

With 14 years of experience in the energy industry, Philippart holds a double master's degree in international management and a bachelor's degree in languages and social sciences, including French.

She leaves her position as strategy and communications manager at St1 Norge AS to take up her new role on 1 May 2024. 

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to promote Norwegian seafood in France. I look forward to getting to know the industry, partners and colleagues in the Norwegian Seafood Council, and to contributing to further growth in a large and important market,” Philippart said.

Tribute paid to outgoing seafood envoy Trine Horne

Philippart replaces Trine Horne, who has been the Seafood Council's representative in France for the past five years. 

“Trine has worked for Norwegian seafood in a very good way in an exciting and important market for the entire industry. I would therefore like to express great gratitude for her good contribution and the work she has done on behalf of the Seafood Council,” Grønbech said.  

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