Statt Torsk will start weekly deliveries of farmed cod a year early

Cod fishes floating in aquarium, Alesund, Norway.
Cod fishes floating in aquarium, Alesund, Norway.

Statt Torsk has sped up its harvest plans and it will be able to start weekly deliveries of farmed cod. This comes more than a year earlier than planned. The Norwegian cod farmer completed its third pilot production in January.

With the new harvest plan, the company expects to start delivering fresh farmed cod to European clients on a consistent weekly basis from the second half of 2022. Also, the company hopes to strengthen its sales and marketing organization to develop products and brands in cooperation with clients.

Side by side, Statt Torsk will continue its gradual development of an efficient production cluster and value chain in the Stad municipality of Norway. Thereby, the company maintains a target of 12,000 tonnes of WFE (Whole Fish Equivalent) annual production by 2024.

About Statt Torsk AS

Statt Torsk AS is listed on Euronext Growth with ticker STATT and with operations in Stad municipality. The company produces and sells Atlantic cod. In 2016-2020, the company carried out two pilot productions to clarify whether commercial production was possible. The company is on its way to commercial production, and now has two sites in Vanylvsfjorden.

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