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Avramar Seafood Group Board appointed Thor Talseth, its current Chair, as Group Chief Executive Officer. Craig Tashjian, Managing Partner at AMERRA Capital, Avramar’s majority shareholder. will replace him in the Chair’s role.

Thor Talseth – Avramar

Regarding this, Tashjian said: “We could not have hoped for a stronger and more experienced CEO than Thor. He has been integral to Avramar’s formation and development since its inception. With growth returning to the global economy, we have seen a strong resurgence for Avramar’s products. Thor’s appointment will further accelerate our performance and strategic development.”

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Firstly, Talseth has more than 20 years of experience in the international seafood and aquaculture industry. He has been an investor, senior executive, and sector-focused banker. Finally, he occupied the Chair of Avramar’s Board in June 2016 and is a Founding Partner of Neptune NRCP LLC. Before, he was head of private equity at AMERRA Capital Management LLC.

In addition, Thor Talseth stated: “I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to lead Avramar into the next chapter of its evolution. My new role will enable us to accelerate our pace towards new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and growth.”

About Avramar Seafood Group

Avramar focuses on the development and production of the globally recognized Mediterranean species of Sea Bass and Sea Bream, while at the same time developing a range of equally delicious species such as Stone Bass and Pagrus. The company is applying new technologies and processes to improve both production efficiency and product quality while maintaining its commitment to world-class sustainability standards.

If you are more interested in Avramar’s work, take a look at our Talent View on Antonio Coli. Antonio engaged with Selonda/Avramar for over 16 years.

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