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The Basque tuna fleet of Bermeo becomes the first in the world to be certified for its global sustainability. It received the MSC blue seal. Thus, it supports the activity of 44 ships operating in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.

In addition, the fishing company Echebastar has obtained the AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing (RTF) Certification. This recognition guarantees the social and employment rights of the fleet under international standards and agreements.

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According to the Basque company, the RTF certification contributes to sustainable tuna fishing. By helping to protect the seas and guarantee that fishers have adequate working, safety, and living conditions on board.

Moreover, they can ensure the traceability of the tuna from the moment it is caught until it reaches your plate.

Finally, AENOR audits both the certified tuna fishing boat and the brand that manufactures the product through the Chain of Custody Regulations.

About Echebastar

Echebastar is a Basque fishing company based in Bermeo that harvests tuna with its fleet of 6 purse seiners. The company was established in 1967.

It is committed to sustainable fishing, the responsible harvest of the fishery resources. Also, to the protection of the environment on which all our futures depend.

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Above all, it is one of the few international companies and the only Spanish company to produce premium quality tuna deep frozen on board the harvesting vessel.

With its -60°C deep-freezing system and robust monitoring of the production and supply chain, it supplies premium quality tuna with fulsome flavor, excellent texture, and proven health benefits.

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