Cermaq addresses its impact on climate changes and the environment

Cermaq addresses its impact on climate changes and the environment

Sea the Solution discusses how aquaculture can improve food security

Cermaq has launched a research called Sea the Solution to discuss how aquaculture can improve food security. Also, advises that many industries have not sufficiently respected the multiple roles and complex biodiversity in the ocean.

Firstly, Sea the Solution includes how to change the composition of fish feed towards ingredients not suitable for direct human consumption. Secondly, circularity in co-production with algae farming. Besides, resources to stress fish and hence improve welfare. Finally, how local communities can take part in and benefit from growing salmon in their areas.

On the other hand, Steven Rafferty, CEO of Cermaq acknowledges the role of the companies in this matter: "We cannot find the solutions without recognizing the problem the solution should address. Sugar coating our issues will not only hamper our progress but also lessen our trust in us."

"In Cermaq, we recognize that there are needs for improvement in multiple areas. We want to share how we address these and how we see the role of aquaculture in the future," he adds.

That is to say, aquaculture agents should be "especially" concerned as they depend on a healthy ocean. At the same time, Cermaq advises that its operation may have a negative impact that should be avoided.

In relation to this, Rafferty concludes: "All food production will have a footprint. Our task is to reduce the footprint to minimum, and balance the footprints measured as CO2, freshwater use, arable land use, feed ingredients. In a way where our operations is part of a circular economy. We still have a way to go, but we are heading in the right direction."

Moreover, Cermaq confirmed in its Sustainability Report 2021 the goal of zero escapes was not reached. To improve this, the company confirmed it will improve monitoring technology and improvement of work procedures during 2022.

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