Cornelis Vrolijk joins Krijn Verwijs seafood activities

Cornelis Vrolijk joins Krijn Verwijs seafood activities

It is a 50-50 joint venture

Cornelis Vrolijk and Krijn Verwijs have joined forces to supply healthy, reliable, and responsible sea products to European consumers. According to a press release, this 50-50 partnership will generate economies of scale and enable the companies to achieve their aim of growing their share of the fish segment.

These products include ready-to-eat mussels, prawns machine shelled in the Netherlands, and a rich offering of fish varieties that make up a fresh and varied portfolio. The companies confirmed all are sustainably fished and cultivated. The aim is to improve in terms of CO2 reductions and circularity.

Caroline Verwijs, director of Krijn Verwijs Yerseke, confirmed this partnership "will improve regional and international position, strengthen product portfolio and intensify innovation pathways as well their role within the protein transition".

On the other side, she confirmed that the family firm will still focus on the shellfish sector and emphasize the importance of a healthy mussel and oyster sector in the Netherlands. Besides, it will retain the Premier brand and slogan Seafarmers by Nature.

Furthermore, Annerieke Vrolijk, managing director of Cornelis Vrolijk stated: "In Krijn Verwijs, we have found a partner which, like us, places great store by family values such as artisan production, trust, loyalty, and sustainable relationships."

Last month, Cornelis Vrolijk appointed Niels Bontje as its new Managing Director of Seafood.

About Cornelis Vrolijk

Cornelis Vrolijk is active in catching, farming, processing, and selling fish, fish products, and shrimp. It has committed staff in several countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. It provides millions of people around the world with healthy and affordable food.

Since 2013, it follows an active policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In this policy, the strategy and objectives in terms of corporate social and sustainable entrepreneurship are described.

About Krijn Verwijs

Krijn Verwijs supplies crustaceans and shellfish. The company tries to assure the availability of its products all year round. With its modern dilution and purification technology, it also guarantees optimum quality and food safety.

Finally, thanks to its working method, Krijn Verwijs got the HACCP certification. The company meets the 'highest level' of the IFS (International Food Safety Standard) certificate. Also, it is FSSC 22000 certified. 

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