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Landeldi hf. has appointed Eggert Þór Kristófersson as its new CEO. He assumed the position, previously held by Halldór Ólafur Halldórsson, chairman of Landeldi’s board, on the 17th of August.

Born in 1970, Eggert Þór worked from 1995 to 2008 at Íslandsbanki and Glitnir Bank. He served as the managing director of Glitnir Bank’s asset management in Iceland and Finland.

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Eggert Þór was CEO of the company since February 2015. Also, he has been the chairman of the board of N1, Krónan, ELKO, Festi Real Estate, Bakkinn Supply Hotel, Malik Supply A/S and Nordic Marine Oil in Denmark.

Regarding his appointment, he stated: “I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the development of fish farming on land. Landeldi has a solid, experienced staff with great knowledge of aquaculture. I look forward to working with the talent on board, to achieve even greater excellence in producing a high-quality product for export, and obtain a positive environmental impact in the process.”

On the other hand, Halldór Ólafur Halldórsson, Landeldi’s COB, said: “Eggert Þór is a powerful, experienced leader with ambitious environmental goals. He has had a successful career as a manager of a listed growth company for the last decade, his appointment underlines that Landeldi has ambitions and growth plans ahead. Now Landeldi has secured all the fundamentals for building a large-scale salmon farm.”

About Landeldi

Landeldi hf. was founded in 2017 and is based in Ölfus, southwestern Iceland. This area is particularly favorable for land-based salmon farming. The company aims to grow salmon production steadily to 33,500 tonnes annually by 2028.

The company produces about 2,000 l/sec of seawater from its own boreholes on Landeldið’s plot and operates four sea tanks in its growout station. The plan is a total of 14 operational tanks by the end of next year and a steady buildup throughout the decade.

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Besides, biomass production is estimated to be at around 500 tons at the end of 2022. The Deep Atlantic grow-out station currently houses 450 thousand individual salmon in the grow out tanks and raises approximately 1.6 million smolts in the hatchery at Öxnalækur. Landeldi employs 25 staff plus around 50 subcontractors.

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