Norway restricts salmon fishing in 33 rivers

According to the Norwegian Environment Agency, salmon catch levels are getting worse year after year.
Salmon fishing in Nidelva in Trondheim.

Salmon fishing in Nidelva in Trondheim.

Jarl Koksvik/Environment Directorate

The Norwegian Environment Agency stopped last Sunday fishing for salmon and sea trout in 33 rivers from the Swedish border in the south up to and including Trøndelag due to low stock.

"It is our responsibility to ensure that enough spawning fish enter the rivers so there will be enough young salmon next year to carry the stock forward," alerts Director of the Norwegian Environment Agency, Ellen Hambro.

Additionally, the Agency banned sea salmon fishing with poles and handlines. Finally, an order will be issued to release all salmon caught in other sea fishing activities.

In previous years, the catch of salmon from the sea to the rivers has been at historically low levels, and the current levels are even worse.

According to Hambro, salmon catch levels are getting worse year after year: "In many rivers where large salmon make up a significant part of the population, the catches so far are far below half compared to recent years, although the water flow and water temperature indicate that the fishing conditions should mostly be good."

The next step

If the situation improves, the Agency is willing to reopen fishing. Also, it encourages river owners in unaffected areas to take preventative measures now before the next salmon evaluation at the beginning of July.

"The regulation on the suspension of fishing has been set without consultation due to the need for quick action. Following on from the experiences from this summer's salmon season, we will facilitate a dialogue about the routines for measures in the salmon season with affected parties, the Directo explained.

In past seasons, the evaluation and restrictions are usually applied later. On the contrary, experts have considered moving this process forward as they believe it could have caused greater harm.

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