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Juan Enrique Rosales, General Manager of Cargill Chile, has reaffirmed in a press release the company’s commitment to Chile. Last month, Cargill acquired 24.5% of Chilean salmon producer Multi X.

In an interview, Rosales claimed that the acquisition gives Chilean salmon more visibility and access to the US market. Considering this good news for Chilean salmon producing companies and for the Chilean industry in general. He confirmed Cargill Aqua Nutrition in Chile will continue to supply feed for Multi X.

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Also, the aquaculture engineer mentioned the Ewos Clear diets, which incorporates concepts of efficiency. These diets contribute to sustainability by allowing lower nitrogen discharges, generating greater well-being, and supporting the health of the fish.

Further, the company still works on defining its Pack Gill. The aim is to help collagen formation and healing, recover damaged skin, and gnawed fins, and provide greater well-being to fish.

Finally, Juan Enrique Rosales announced the Sustainability Sea Further initiative. Thereby, the footprint of the salmon product is reduced in coordination with suppliers and customers, and allowing the carbon neutral feeding strategies offer to the industry.

As another proof of commitment to sustainability, Cargill confirmed last month it will begin to add algal oil into all feed delivered to the Norwegian market.

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