FoodCorp sets ORIVO’s traceability standard for pelagic fishmeal

FoodCorp sets ORIVO’s traceability standard for pelagic fishmeal

FoodCorp has set a new traceability standard for producers of pelagic fishmeal by qualifying for the ORIVO certification. The Chilean-based company has become the first pelagic fish producer in the world to validate the traceability of this raw material.

Recently, FoodCorp made an important contribution in the effort of validating the company´s sustainable management of biomass and processed products. According to the company, validating the raw-material traceability documentation is a key challenge for the fishing industry as a whole.

Demand for transparency and traceability

Andrés Daroch, general manager of FoodCorp, stated: "We recognize the growing demand for transparency and traceability in the supply chain. As a fishing industry, we have made significant progress in the last decade. Through working under international standards that directly align with the sustainability of fisheries. And now, with the third-party certification from ORIVO, we can validate this work in a good manner."

In the first half of 2022, close to 82% of the raw material processed by FoodCorp was allocated to the production of frozen and preserved foods for direct human consumption. The remaining raw material, consisting of offcuts and byproducts such as fish not suited for direct human consumption, was utilized in the production of fishmeal and fish oil for the animal feed market. Both the human consumption market and the animal feed market have high standards for traceability.

Therefore, Daroch confirmed that this is why FoodCorp wanted to qualify for the ORIVO certification: "It is important for our clients that we have an accreditation which is based on actual evidence. Through advanced laboratory testing, ORIVO confirms that our fishmeal is based on the raw material we say it is. Also, that there are no other species or other ingredients added. To our clients, this is a guarantee of quality and sustainable management of fisheries."

ORIVO´s services set high standards for the fisheries since the laboratory test results will reveal the presence of any unwanted species in the fishmeal. This makes the certification a recognition achieved at present by only a few fishmeal producers globally. "We are very proud to become the first producer of pelagic fishmeal in the world to take transparency to the next level by qualifying for ORIVO certification," he ended.

About FoodCorp

FoodCorp is a Norwegian-owned fishing company with a presence in Chile since 1991. It has a processing plant in the commune of Coronel, Biobío Region. It produces frozen, preserved, fishmeal and fish oil mainly from the species horse mackerel, sardine, and anchovy.


ORIVO has delivered evidence-based testing and certification services to the global feed and supplement industry since 2014. The testing technology is based on proven laboratory analysis technologies combined with strong reference databases and analysis algorithms. ORIVO can verify species and regions of origin via a quality assured sampling protocols. Based in Molde, Norway, ORIVO serves the global markets' independent 3rd party verification to meet the consumer demand for transparent and sustainable feed and supplements.

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