Future Barcelona’s port to include public area and host first energy community

Barcelona cityscape. Aerial view seen from the Columbus Column. Port Vell area.
Barcelona cityscape. Aerial view seen from the Columbus Column. Port Vell area.

The Port of Barcelona will invest nearly 8 million euros in the construction of the future fish market. The new facilities will be open to the public and will occupy 3,233 m2. Works are scheduled to start in the last quarter of 2022. Also, the installation will host too first Barcelona port energy community. 

The project will structure the future fishermen's market into three blocks. The aim of this is to make the services, required by the different types of fishing carried out in Barcelona -seine fishing and trawling-, more efficient. Besides, it will divide blue and white fish catches to accelerate the auctions and processes of preparation, packaging, and invoicing of the fish.

In addition, the host of the first Barcelona port energy community will allow to locate a system of solar panels and power the different dock facilities. This solar energy installation will save annually 54 tons of CO2. To do this, they will take advantage of existing and future roof surfaces (warehouses, car parks and fish market).

According to the operator, the remodeling project has a double objective; guarantee the future development of the fishing activity in Barcelona under sustainability and competitiveness criteria, and open this area of ​​Port Vell to citizens. A walkway will go through the entire building, and large windows will allow visitors to see the activity that takes place inside the fish market.

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