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After second largest shareholder offers to step down as board director

Kenneth Andersen, CEO of Strawberry Equities AS, will have the opportunity to join the Atlantic Sapphire board after Runar Vatne, the land-based producer’s second-largest shareholder, has offered to voluntarily resign from the board of directors.

Thereby, the Nomination Committee had proposed that Andersen would be elected for an initial term until the annual general meeting in 2023. The Committee is formed by Bjørn-VegardLøvik (Chair) and Kjell Bjordal.

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Both members were elected at the company’s extraordinary general meeting held on 16 April 2020. Further, re-elected at the annual general meeting in 2022.

Above all, their responsibilities are to recommend candidates to the board. Including the Chairman of the board of directors, and recommending candidates for the nomination committee. During the extraordinary general meeting to be held on 3 August 2022, the committee will develop more of this proposal

In addition, Strawberry Equities AS made a significant investment in Atlantic Sapphire in the private placement announced on 28 June 2022.

On the other hand, Andersen has extensive board experience. Including in Hurtigruten and Nordic Leisure and Travel Group, the leading tour operator in the Nordics. Also, he has experience from Eika Fondsforvaltning and Arthur Andersen Consulting.

Finally, Atlantic Sapphire confirmed Andersen has accepted the position in advance, subject to being elected by the extraordinary general meeting. The CEO of Strawberry Equities is independent of the company’s management and material business associates.

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