Multi X sanctioned by Chilean environment organism

Multi X sanctioned by Chilean environment organism

Due to the use of chemicals Lufenuron and Formalin

The Chilean environment agency Superintendencia del Medio Ambiente (SMA) has issued provisional measures against Salmones Multiexport due to the use of chemicals in its project Chaparano Fish Farming (RNA 103957) Multiexport. It is located in the district of Cochamó, Los Lagos Region.

Precisely, the Industrial Liquid Waste (RILes) treatment system do not neutralize these products. Consequently, can affect the Chaparano riverbed and the hydrobiological resource crops in the area. Thus, can entail a risk to the environment and the health of people.

In addition, the use of chemicals such as Lufenuron and Formalin can affect the life of the insects. These provide food for fish and birds in the coastal wetland sector. Along with affecting the life cycle of mussels, farmed by communities.

Measures to adopt

Regarding to the Formalin, Muli X will have to establish a procedure for the discharge of liquid waste with Formaldehyde (or any other product that contains it) used in immersion baths.

On the other hand, implement permanent monitoring of the maximum and minimum concentrations of Lufenuron, diluted in the effluent. Also, before its discharge into the Chaparano River.

Finally, Multi X should seal all bypass ducts with a lack of environmental evaluation.

According to Emanuel Ibarra, Environment Superintendent, these measures seek to protect "nearby wetlands, which depend on surface, groundwater and marine waters of natural origin for their survival over time".

"Therefore, they are aquatic ecosystems defined by surfaces covered with waters of a natural regime, permanent or temporary, stagnant, with an environmental value that must be protected, given the natural reservoir of these waters and their biodiversity," he added.

Within 15 business days, the company must implement all these measures. Besides, it must submit a technical report with all the solutions implemented.

SMA confirmed that the failure to comply with the provisional measures issued constitutes an offense punishable by this body.

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