Nueva Pescanova starts in Namibia a new solar energy project

created by dji camera
created by dji camera

Nueva Pescanova has expanded their solar photovoltaic project in Lüderitz which will generate 317,000 kilowatts per month. This project is part of an ambitious plan by NovaNam's parent company. They want to ensure sustainable management of resources, through the use of green energy sources at its fish-processing facilities.

The Spain-based company owns in Lüderitz the largest hake-processing factory of Africa. The solar photovoltaic instalation was initiated in 2019. "The energy transition is a significant step forward in our commitment to keep working for the environment and the sustainable management of natural resources," Nueva Pescanova Group CEO, Ignacio González said.

According to Nueva Pescanova, more than 50% of its factories now have clean energy sources. The commissioning of the Luderitz and Walvis Bay solar plants is a major boost to the Spanish Group' drive to achieve 100% clean energy at all its fish-processing establishments.

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