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Andfjord Salmon AS has confirmed that due to strong biological performance the average weight of the salmon in Andfjord Salmon’s first pool at Andøya, Norway, this week reached 1 kilogram.

Before, on 25 June 2022, Andfjord Salmon released approximately 200,000 smolts at an average weight of 120 grams in the company’s first land-based pool at Kvalnes, Andøya.

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Consequently, the company confirmed this is “well ahead” of the late December 2022 forecast. The survival rate stands at an industry-leading 98.9 percent, four months after the smolt was released.

“We are very pleased to see that we have been able to provide our salmon with excellent biological conditions. As a result, the growth rate is higher than what we estimated. This confirms that the living conditions in the pool are good, which means that the fish eats well and thereby grows fast. The excellent survival rate also confirms high fish welfare in the pool’s ecosystem,” said Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon.

“Reaching the 1-kilogram milestone confirms the benefits of Andfjord Salmon’s fish farming concept. Where excellent biological conditions in combination with low energy cost underline the robustness of our business case. The energy use is also well within our target of 1 kwh/kg salmon produced,” added Rasmussen.

Andfjord Salmon is using water from depths of approximately 40 meters below the sea surface for its flow-through technology solution. The water is substituted 15-17 times/24 hours. The shape of the company’s pools is square to replicate a cross-section of the Gulf stream. At slaughter weight, the density will be around 35-40 kg/m3.

About Andfjord Salmon AS

Andfjord Salmon AS has developed an innovative and sustainable aquaculture concept for land-based farming of Atlantic salmon, based on a flow-through technology solution. It is located at Kvalnes on the island of Andøya on the Arctic Archipelago of Vesterålen, Norway. The company’s ambition is to build the world’s most sustainable and fish-friendly aquaculture facility of its kind.

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