Seafood consultancy invests in electronic traceability

FishWise will promote the adoption of the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability standard across public and private sectors.
FishWise is a non-profit sustainable seafood consultancy based in Santa Cruz, California.

FishWise is a non-profit sustainable seafood consultancy based in Santa Cruz, California.


The seafood consultancy FishWise and the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) have partnered to promote the widespread adoption of traceability best practices in seafood supply chains.

Therefore, FishWise will promote the implementation of interoperable, digitized traceability systems and the adoption of the GDST standard across public and private sectors.

Also, the initiative aims to encourage regulators and governments to support more standardized, transparent, and responsible seafood supply chains.

According to a statement released by the consultancy, the GDST standard was created by civil society and industry and then voted by industry stakeholders. It is now considered to be the "gold standard" in seafood traceability.

FishWise main tasks will be verifying data, assessing risks, and developing due diligence programs with seafood businesses, governments, and NGOs worldwide.

Regarding this agreement, GDST Executive Director Greg Brown said: "FishWise's deep involvement with its partners plus its collaborative and consultative approach with multiple stakeholders coupled with the GDST’s Standard and technical resources will bring traceability into many conversations and assist the industry and regulators in meaningfully adopting digital interoperable traceability in seafood."

Additionally, Sara Lewis, Director of Programs at FishWise mentioned the need to involve public institutions: "Standardizing data formats in both the public and private sectors, and making electronic information sharing more seamless between traceability systems is crucial. Not only for meeting companies' responsible seafood programs but also regulatory compliance and better governance."

About FishWise

FishWise is a non-profit sustainable seafood consultancy based in Santa Cruz, California, that takes a holistic approach to sustainability to protect ocean health and workers’ rights. Offering expertise trusted by labor and human rights and conservation organizations, seafood buyers and suppliers, and government representatives, FishWise offers a range of services that empower businesses and a diverse community of collaborators to lead the transition to a sustainable, ethically responsible seafood industry.

About GDST

The Global Dialogue for Seafood Traceability (GDST) is a movement and a mechanism for transforming seafood supply through digital traceability. We unite industry and civil stakeholders to develop and advocate for a global Standard for seafood traceability while supporting businesses along the supply chain to implement the Standard effectively.

In mid-April, Seafrigo, DNV, and OpsSmart Global signed a new global traceability partnership ahead of Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, which also featured the GDST's annual plenary session and a panel discussion on traceability.

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