Spanish fisheries ask for more legal security

Spanish fisheries ask for more legal security

Sustainable Fishing and Fisheries Research law draft "is not enough"

The Spanish Fisheries Confederation (CEPESCA) considers that the Sustainable Fishing and Fisheries Research law draft does not guarantee enough legal security for fishing companies in Spain. The draft does not account that new criteria for the distribution of fishing possibilities will not affect those already carried out with the current law.

Regarding this Javier Garat, general secretary of CEPESCA, said: "In recent years many fishing opportunities distributions have been made in accordance with the 2001 Fisheries Law. So, many fishing companies have made significant investments. To guarantee their future, adapting their operating capacity or buying or renting quotas to other companies."

Consequently, he added: "A possible review of these distributions would cause serious damage to many companies. Also, it would undermine their legal certainty".

In addition, CEPESCA is concerned about the Government "expropriating" unused fishing opportunities for two consecutive years. "This measure could be a huge loss for companies that have been investing for years. Due to have enough fishing opportunities and ensure future profitability," Garat warned.

On the other side, the Spanish organization points out that companies are the first interested in taking advantage of the EU grants. "We need flexibility and policies that favor exchanges and enable sustainable fishing, but also profitable."

Finally, CEPESCA noted as positive aspects of the draft the relevance it gives to fishing research. Moreover, the inclusion of new labor groups in the reduction coefficients. This will allow more protection and early retirement of women's workers groups. Further, it also congratulates the regulation of recreational fishing, genetic resources, and the fishing advisory forum creation.

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