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Verlasso, AquaChile’s ultra-premium salmon brand, is replacing its polystyrene packaging with 100% recyclable cardboard boxes as part of its commitment to sustainability. The company plans that for 2023 all packaging become more sustainable with the environment.

Regarding this, Vicente de La Cruz, commercial manager of AquaChile said: “Since its origins, Verlasso has been committed to seeking and innovating in more sustainable practices. Throughout its value chain, so we are very happy to implement this initiative.”

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The change from polystyrene to cardboard for the distribution of fresh salmon makes us the first and only national brand to take this big step,” he added.

Thereby, the company will benefit from greater transport efficiency. Using less space than expanded polystyrene and thus allowing you to optimize cargo transport. In adittion, it will reduce carbon footprint. Moreover, being 100% recyclable will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

Finally, these boxes are water-resistant and insulators. So, Verlasso’s quality will remain during the journey due to the technology and design of the boxes.

AquaChile informed through a report recently that during 2021 it invested more than 355M CLP and created 5,200 jobs.

About AquaChile

AquaChile is a Chilean company dedicated mainly to the aquaculture sector. The Company’s activities are divided into three business segments: Salmon and trout, tilapia and food. The salmon and trout division focuses on the farming, processing and distribution of Atlantic and coho salmon, as well as trout.

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The tilapia division is responsible for the cultivation of tilapia. The food division includes fish feed production. The Company maintains marine, river and lake aquaculture concessions on the Chilean and Costa Rican coast.

It exports products to the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its subsidiaries are Aguas Claras SA, AquaChile Inc, Grupo ACI SA, Inversiones Salmones Australes Ltda, Salmones Maullin SA, Antarfood SA, and Alitec Pargua SA.

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