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The Seaweed Company has bought Zeewaar, the first Dutch organically certified seaweed farm. Zeewaar produces seaweed in Jacobahaven, Kamperland. It collaborates with brands such as Hema, ProLaTerre (part of SoFine Foods), and The Dutch Weedburger (part of Livekindly Collective).

Rebecca Wiering and Jennifer Breaton founded the Dutch company in 2013. Now, the seaweed is grown on an area of ​​about two football fields. They plan to expand this and get sustainable seaweed farming off the ground in the EU.

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Regarding this, Wiering said: “The time has come to transfer our seaweed farm and wholesaler to a passionate team with a different composition. The Seaweed Company is the best partner for the future development of Zeewaar. We are therefore very happy with this new owner.”

In addition, Joost Wouters, founder of The Seaweed Company, stated: “Rebecca and Jennifer have developed a unique company in a beautiful location. In the Netherlands, Zeeland is the hotspot where we can take major steps forward with the seaweed industry. We look forward to doing so in collaboration with all partners – from the government to research institutions, and from consumers to other seaweed and fisheries companies.”

Furthermore, the choice for The Seaweed Company was “therefore logical: Zeewaar will benefit from the work and experience of Dr. Stefan Kraan, marine biologist and co-founder, and his multidisciplinary team at The Seaweed Company,” added Breaton.

The Seaweed Company specializes in the development of high-quality and high-value seaweed products. Also it produces seaweed in Ireland, Morocco, India, and the Netherlands.

A few weeks ago, announced a collaboration with minority shareholder Colruyt Group to bring more seaweed products to the European market.

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