Bio Marine hires Svein Brudeseth Tveiten as new Head of Textile Products

This new hiring is part of the company's strategy to focus more on its range of lice skirts.
Bio Marine 'Titan lice skirts' provide good protection against lice and larvae.

Bio Marine 'Titan lice skirts' provide good protection against lice and larvae.

Bio Marine

Bio Marine has announced the hiring of Svein Brudeseth Tveiten as the new Head of Textile Products. The Norwegian company wants to focus more on the development of its range of lice skirts due to the potential of the market.

According to a statement released by the company, Tveiten has many years of experience producing lice skirts for aquaculture leading his own business at Rantex Flaarønning. Also, he is responsible for several aquaculture patented solutions.

"I know Bio Marine well from previous collaborations and look forward to contributing to the development of new products. Ambitious plans have been laid out, so this seems very exciting," the new Head of Textile Products said.

On the other hand, Nils Hovden, marketing manager at Bio Marine noted: "We are seeing a rising demand for water circulation, oxygenation, monitoring, and also lice skirts. Through previous collaboration, we know well what Svein stands for."

Bio Marine Titan Lice Skirts

The principal aim of the titan lice skirts is to provide good protection against lice and larvae. Bio Marine's lice skirts fulfill the need for strength and functionality through good combinations of materials and thoughtful joints. Solid tear-proof material means long life and the possibility of cleaning with high-pressure washers.

The skirts are developed in close cooperation with fish farmers. The quality is based on solid experience with fish farming and is adapted to all types of cages.

Last year, harmful jellyfish were spotted in increasing numbers along the Norwegian coastline. This type of jellyfish has been responsible for salmon deaths at breeding facilities. Bio Marine proposes the use of lice skirts to reduce or prevent jellyfish from entering the cages.

For example, harvest volumes from companies like Lerøy Seafood were impacted due to problems caused by an influx of harmful string jellyfish during the fourth quarter of 2023.

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