Clayton Nelson, new Seafood Industry Australia Chair

Clayton Nelson, new Seafood Industry Australia Chair

Clayton Nelson has been appointed as Chair of Seafood Industry Australia (SIA). He was appointed to the SIA Board in October 2020. Now, he is the General Manager – Policy and External Affairs at Austral Fisheries.

During the Board meeting also was announced the designation of Catherine Sayer as Deputy Chair. Finally, they acknowledged the retirement of Chair Chauncey Hammond and Director Dennis Holder from the Board of SIA.

"Firstly, I would like to thank Chauncey and Dennis for the contributions they have made to the SIA Board during their time. I would like to thank the Board for their support and nomination of me to the role of Chair. I look forward to working hard to continue the good work of SIA. To promote, protect and develop the Australian seafood industry both domestically and internationally," SIA Chair Clayton Nelson said.

Both Chauncey and Dennis have reached the maximum two-term limit under the constitution and are not eligible to stand again. When the SIA constitution was originally drafted, it included a two-term limit for Directors to provide all members of the industry the chance to become an SIA Director and contribute to its progress and success.

"Clayton has vast experience in the industry. Also, in chairing important organizations such as WAFIC and as the deputy chair of the Commonwealth Fisheries Association. I am confident he will do an outstanding job as your new Chair, and Catherine's vast experience in the food and beverage sector will position her well in the Deputy Chair role," former SIA Chair Chauncey Hammond stated.

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