NOAA appoints new California Regional Aquaculture Coordinator

Fishery policy analyst Celia Barroso will take on the role at NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region, based in Long Beach, California.
Celia Barroso is California's new Regional Aquaculture Coordinator.

Celia Barroso is California's new Regional Aquaculture Coordinator.

Photo: NOAA.

NOAA Fisheries has named Celia Barroso as its new California Regional Aquaculture Coordinator, based in Long Beach, California.

For the past six months, Barroso has worked as interim Regional Aquaculture Coordinator in California, gaining valuable experience and insight into the aquaculture sector, and is "excited to continue working with the aquaculture community," NOAA Fisheries said.

She previously worked in the Sustainable Fisheries Division of NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region since 2012, where she focused on the management of highly migratory species and international issues.

Since 2016, Barroso served on the Pacific Fishery Management Council's Highly Migratory Species Management Team, fostering public engagement and developing key partnerships to support sustainable fisheries.

In her new position, Barroso will represent California on both national and regional aquaculture issues, coordinating activities with West Coast Region Divisions, West Coast Science Centers, and the Office of Aquaculture, conducting stakeholder meetings and producing reports.

The role also involves facilitating communication with private, federal, state, local, and tribal entities to enhance the efficiency of aquaculture permitting processes and increase public understanding of aquaculture.

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