AquaFuture Spain ’22

AquaFuture Spain ’22

To continue talking about the different events happening in our industry globally, today we want to present you with AquaFuture Spain '22. The First Edition of the International show of the Aquaculture Industry. Spain is the largest Aquaculture producer within the European Union. By 2018 the country was producing around 348,000 tones between Mussel, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, and Rainbow Trout. Hence, Spanish Aquaculture is a key sector in the food chain and relies on a highly technological and competitive value chain. It is a growing industry, and is only natural to see new events surfacing, such as AquaFuture.

Organized by OkEventos, The show will take place at The Recinto FIG-Silleda in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Dated from March 23rd to the 25th. This show was born from the need of creating an international space for the industry. A space to show the potential, quality, and talent that are connected to it. Since 2010 there wasn't in Spain an event that focuses on bringing the industry together. In fact, they define it as a " point of reference for professionals in the international aquaculture sector. Where they will be able to update themselves on the latest technological innovations and market strategies, always under the focus of sustainability and sustainable management of resource".

Additionally, AquaFuture '22 is divided into two main sections. The first is the exhibition and commercial parts, where companies will be able to showcase. And the second part, hosting technical conferences and presentations that consist of 6 sections about the current and future state of Aquaculture in Spain.

For Attendees

Being the first edition of the show the organizers have really good expectations about visitors. You can download your invitation to attend here. Have in mind that if you are not from the Schengen area you will be needing documentation such as an invitation letter or hotel reservation to enter Spain. The invitation letter will not be provided by the Show, you must privately provide it!


The Show will have space for 140 exhibitors and has availability for a few more exhibitors. However, the organizers had to expand exhibitors' spaces. Initially, they were expecting to have 70 exhibitors, just like similar fairs and shows. As a result, they had to plan three expansions due to high demand from exhibitors! At the moment they have companies from over 22 countries on their floor!

If your company wishes to attend AquaFuture Spain, you should Contact Juan Lijo at

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