Thai Union appoints first female general manager in the Seychelles

Indian Ocean Tuna, Thai Union's third-largest factory, sees Jamikara Techasaratoole take the helm as former head Richard Luzio is made Director of Fish Procurement in Europe.
Jamikara Techasaratoole is Thai Union IOT’s new General Manager.
Jamikara Techasaratoole is Thai Union IOT’s new General Manager.

Thai Union Group has announced it has appointed its first female general manager, Jamikara Techasaratoole, who takes the lead at its processing facility in the Seychelles, Indian Ocean Tuna (IOT).

IOT is the third-largest factory in the Thai Union Group's global operations. Jamikara takes over from former boss Richard Luzio, who had overall responsibility for the factory since 2020, and who is now moving to Paris as Director of Fish Procurement in Europe.

Techasaratoole "the natural choice" to lead Indian Ocean Tuna

A Thai citizen, Techasaratoole joined Thai Union's Management Associate program in 2015, which saw her take on international assignments in France in supply chain roles before joining IOT.

Techasaratoole has since proven her worth, rapidly rising to become Assistant General Manager within three years, and working closely with Luzio all this time.

In a statement announcing the appointment, Thai Union describes her as "the natural choice to succeed Luzio in this role," adding that "She restructured the supply chain, planning and sales and marketing departments in the past years, preparing her for the General Manager role."

"IOT is a key manufacturing plant within Thai Union, supplying our European customers with competitive and high-quality tuna products," Techasaratoole said in a press statement.

"Operating from the island nation Seychelles, our challenges are many, but together with my leadership team and our talented and experienced employees, we will continue to create a positive social impact for our employees and their families here in Seychelles. We want to continue to lead on social responsibility and sustainability," she added.

Indian Ocean Tuna is the third-largest factory in Thai Union Group's manufacturing network, and the largest private employer in Seychelles, employing 1,800 people. Photo: Thai Union.

Techasaratoole faces challenges as new general manager

Congratulating Techasaratoole, the outgoing Luzio commented: "Jamikara and I worked hand in hand to keep the production costs in check and offer 1,800 stable incomes for our employees in Seychelles."

"IOT is challenged more than ever by uncertain conditions, high inflation, and low consumer demand in Europe," Luzio continued.

"Working together with IOT's key partners will be key to secure a sustainable and effective operation. Jamikara is the right person at the right time to lead IOT into the future," Luzio said.

Techasaratoole formally assumed her new position on October 1st.

Luzio becomes new Procurement Director for Europe

Luzio has also been promoted within the Group. With a 31 year career within Thai Union, as Plant Manager at the Group's European Seafood Investments Portugal (ESIP) plant before taking over the role of General Manager at IOT in 2020, he is credited for successfully improving IOT's operations towards continuous efficiency and productivity."

Luzio now moves back to Europe in a senior management role as Thai Union's Fish Procurement Director for Europe based in Paris, drawing on what Thai Union describes as "his deep insights into the fish supply needs of plants, coupled with his previous finance roles".

IOT key to sustainability strategy, says Thai Union Group

Thai Union's third-largest factory will play a vital role in the Group's recently launched SeaChange® 2030 strategy and its commitments, according to the Company. The factory will become a closed-loop factory by implementing zero water discharge, zero waste to landfill and zero food loss by 2030.

IOT will also contribute to Thai Union's emissions reduction target of -42% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by covering 30 percent of the IOT plant with solar panels, which will provide 8 percent of its total energy consumption needs.

The Group also committed to appointing 50 percent female leaders for their management positions, to which IOT contributes to with their first female General Manager and a 50/50 gender split in their leadership team.

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