Singapore promotes aquaculture opportunities through a sea space farming tender

"The move aligns with Singapore's '30 by 30' vision, aiming to produce 30% of the nation's nutritional needs by 2030."
Closed Containment Aquaculture System.

Closed Containment Aquaculture System.

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The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has introduced a public tender for two sea space parcels off Pulau Bukom in the Southern Waters. These are specifically designated for the farming of fin fish and crustaceans.

The sea space parcels require a Closed Containment Aquaculture System (CCAS). Each parcel will be approximately 5 hectares. The maximum allowable production will be 1,732.5 tons per year, representing 90% of the parcel’s carrying capacity.

Singapore aims to produce 30% of the nation's nutritional needs by 2030 so they have created the '30 by 30' initiative. Due to limited sea space and to safeguard against adverse environmental conditions, it is convenient that farms use technology and innovation to boost productivity and adopt sustainable practices.

Ms Wong Sheau Fong, SFA’s Senior Director of the Food Infrastructure Development & Management Division, said: "We have been conducting studies and surveys and working closely with the industry, nature groups and the marine biodiversity academics to unlock more new sea spaces for sustainable aquaculture. SFA has carefully considered the feedback received and will continue to work with farms, including successful tenderers in the sea space tender exercises, to transform our agri-food industry and bolster Singapore’s food security."

Interested parties can bid for either one or both parcels. Proposals will be evaluated based on production capability, track record, relevant farming experience, and qualifications, as well as innovation and business sustainability, including the implementation of best farming practices.

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