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BEWI has transformed its former insulation plant and equipped it with the latest recycling extrusion technology.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
1 min read
This new center will elevate its EPS (expanded polystyrene) recycling capacity by 40%.
BEWI collected last year 27,000 tonnes of used EPS for recycling.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
1 min read
Its fish boxes are made with Circulum® Balance, a technique that helps to save CO2.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
2 min read
For the full year 2023, BEWI had net sales of 1,105 million euros, up by 5% from 2022.
FiiZK cages. Photo by: FiiZK.
Carmen Halpin
2 min read
Nekkar and BEWI Invest AS have announced their partnership through a joint investment in FiiZK, a supplier to the aquaculture industry.
BEWI packing for SalMar. Photo: BEWI.
Marta Negrete
3 min read
The food packaging segment was one of the most stable, with an increase in volumes at Senja's new fish box plant.
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