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Panoramic view of an Iconic Famous Place, Moraine Lake, during a vibrant summer sunrise. Located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
1 min read
Before 1995, a commercial fishery existed since 1953, harvested by different fleets, gear classes and vessel classes from all regions in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.
A fishing vessel sails by the island of Kunoy, in the Faroe Islands.
Louisa Gairn
2 min read
The two Nordic fishing nations have reached a formal agreement on fishing opportunities and quotas for 2024.
Mackerel are among the UK fish stocks highlighted as critical by the Oceana report. Photo: Adobe Stock.
Louisa Gairn
2 min read
The UK's cod stocks are critically low, while mackerel is overfished.
Ms Atløy Viking, a coastal fishing boat from Atløy, Norway, with quotas for North Sea herring and cod, among others.
Marta Negrete
3 min read
"We still need to rebuild the cod stock in the North Sea and Skagerrak," said Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Cecilie Myrseth.
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